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SKTMN Trading is a dedicated pooja samagri household retail outlet providing a large variety of Indian prayers items and all daily essentials of traditional herbs and spices to kitchen wares and utensils for all families. With our wide selection of goods and quality of the products and items, and at good prices, we are sure to be able to serve your shopping wish list on each visit to our friendly Mount Austin, Johor Bahru outlet near you.

Shop for All Pooja Items, Puja Samagri, and Grocery Items​


Home & Grocery

Looking for daily essentials for your home? Look no further, we have a wide range of products and items for your household needs.


Prayers Incense

Have a peace of mind with our finest selection of the best aroma and fragrance for daily prayers and improve sense of well being.


Home Decoration

Decorate your prayers space with our colorful textiles and merchandise that are certain to enhance your home positive mood.


Kitchen Wares

Our wide range of imported kitchen wares from pots, buckets, cups and utensils are definitely able to justify your criteria for quality.

Shop for Home Grocery Indian Idols Incense Textiles Home Decoration Kitchen Wares At Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Latest Products

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*valid for all PURCHASES UNTIL DECEMBER 2018

Why Choose Us?

Quality Products

We are a one-stop shop that provides quality grocery items, products and all pooja items of different variables and sizes to suit your daily and religious needs.

Good Prices

Buy all traditional and essential grocery items at good prices, we valued our new and existing customers through an appreciation of reasonable pricing and occasion promotion.​


Pooja prayers plays an important role in our Indian tradition and culture that helps to improve our sense of spirituality, to seek bliss and protection for family and friends.


"While performing a task after praying, peace of mind is attained and a task performed peacefully and with a steady mind is done well.’
- Ms. Anuradha Wadekar, Sanatan Sanstha

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