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Indian Hindus in Malaysia – The Way They Pray

Hindus are one of the largest religious communities in Malaysia constituting about 25% of the population. Many popular festivals like Diwali are observed with gaiety. On Diwali all offices, establishments, etc. stay closed. Prayers are very popular among the community.

The Hindus have a great tradition of worship as a mark of gestures of their religion. Historically, Malaysian Hindus comprising Telugus ad Malayalees lived in brotherhood with Tamils. It is in these conglomerations that prayers with a particular focus that came to into existence. All the three linguistic groups raised up temples and for gods like Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, and Lord Anjaneya and so on. There are a large number of big temples in urban cites for different gods and goddesses.


  • How Hindus do the prayer – the tradition of praying to gods and goddess in Hindus in Malaysia oriented from India. All the Hindus assume god to be in the incarnation of a man or any inanimate object. Indian Hindu prayers Malaysia carry the psalms for the gods assuming them to be the Almighty even when they offer prayers to images in stone.

  • The general perception – all the Hindus have a general perception that God is invisible and He is omnipresent. He is a superpower. He can stay in the massive pillar, or shelter in a tree or elsewhere. However, Hindus believe that if an individual really wishes to take a glimpse of God they can feel him everywhere in the area around them. Hindus pressure that each human being is a manifestation of God. It is for this reason that Hindus are named according to the names of different gods. Thus, gods are everywhere among Hindus. Hindus of Indian origin are case in point.

    • Hindus seek help from gods and healers of faith to resolve personal problems in the community. To get their objective realized, to get the hurdles to the success smashed Hindus perform prayers with deep devotion.

  • Thaipusam – The Thaipusam festival is known to be the most important festival of Hindus. The festival came to be observed in Malaysia in the nineteenth century by workers belonging o the immigrant India estate. The unanimity of the Hindus shows the strong faith in the power of Hindu gods. The gods can cure illnesses that cannot be cured by modern medical sciences and childless couples can get children with the aid of prayers to gods and goddesses.

    • During the festival Thaipusam, Hindus get ready to offer diverse rituals as per their needs. They offer prayers. Some people get their bodies with hooks – they do not feel any pain. They believe that once they offer their prayers, their wishes will get fulfilled within a short time span.

Conclusion – Whether it is Navaratri, or Thaipusam Hindus in Malaysia observe the festivals and pray to their gods in unison. They will with the prayers all the hardships, losses, ill-health, the evil influence of the of negative energy will vanish. Indian Hindu prayers will make it happen.

Maintaining stringent diet norms and abstaining from sex, and committing violence physically or orally all the Hindus pray to gods to get their blessings.

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