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Indian Pooja Samagri: Rituals Items List in Malaysia

Most Hindus follow some rituals to worship their gods and goddesses wherever they live in the world. These rituals are known as Pooja and they need certain items called Pooja Samagri to accomplish these rituals. Hindus living across the globe usually do these rituals to create a link between them regardless of their location in this world.

In India people usually go to temples to perform their pooja but in other countries Hindus normally prefer their home for this purpose as temples may not be available nearby by them. So, if you are living in Malaysia then you will have to find pooja samagri Malaysia to perform pooja at your home.

Things included in pooja samagri


Pooja samagri in Malaysia includes a number of accessories including images of deities, pooja thali, holy water, tilak, lamps for aarti, dhoop, incense sticks, camphor, bell, fruits and sweets along with books of pooja vidhi and bhajans to perform a pooja in a right manner. Each pooja has its own vidhi or way to perform rightly and for that reason you will have to all the items of pooja samagri required for that particular pooja in Malaysia.

Significance of pooja samagri:

Every item in pooja samagri has its own significance. Brief information provided here under will help you to know more in this regard.

  • Pooja thali: You need it to put in all the essential items required for a pooja. It can be made of silver, gold or copper as per your budget. It can also be used for doing aarti at the end of the pooja.

  • Holy water: It is normally used in all types of pooja ceremonies not only for cleaning the images or idols of deities but also for making the devotees pavitra. Normally gangajal is considered the best holy water for poojas but in its absence you can also use gulabjal or rose water, kewra, rudraksha jal and gomutra as holy water for different types of poojas.

  • Tilak pr sindoor: It is used by both, women and men, to mark a symbol of pooja on their forehead. Various types of things including powder of red sandal wood, white sandalwood, kesar and sindoor can be used as tilak in various types of poojas in Malaysia.

  • Lamps or diyas: Diyas are filled with ghee or oil and a cotton wick is inserted in the oil to burn it while performing pooja not only to enlighten the place of pooja but also to create an auspicious environment at the spot.

  • Incense sticks: Most of the Indian pooja ceremonies are considered incomplete without fragrance of incense sticks and dhoop etc.

  • Dhoop: It is another good source providing fragrance during a pooja ceremony. The smoke of dhoop and incense sticks also helps in getting rid of negativities in the environment, as believed by most Hindus.

  • Camphor: It is normally burnt while doing aarti of the deities along with burning all the negativities of the devotees.

  • Bell: The auspicious sound of bell can help not only to pray to deities but also to eliminate irrelevant and inauspicious sounds around the devotees.

Thus by buying pooja samagri Malaysia Hindus can perform their pooja in Malaysia as per their rituals.

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