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Review Of Pooja Thalis Malaysia – Some Interesting Belief Systems

There are some deep rooted belief systems across different parts of the world. As far as Hindu tradition is concerned, any new addition to the house is a cause of celebration and praying. The same is the case with a new car. A new car is revered and therefore prayers are offered in temples with the help of a priest. Hence we will try and list down the step by step approach for offering prayers in temple for a new car.

Set Up An Appointment With A Hindu Temple

You would do well to call up a Hindu temple near your area a set up an appointment with them. While this may not be obligatory, you will be sure that the temple priest is free when you are free. Further you will also be sure that the Puja thalis, Malaysia and other such things required for prayers and offerings to your car are ready.

Things You Will Need


Though this could vary from temple to temple, there are a few things which are standardized as far as the puja thalis (prayer plates) are concerned. They usually have four lemons, money to be paid to the temple priest, one coconut and an image of Ganesha (elephant god). However the last one could be an optional choice.

How The Prayer Is Done

Step 1: The owner of the car should participate in the puja conducted by the pujari (priest). He starts off by offering holy water to the owner. The same is poured in a spoon and it has to be taken in the right hand with the left hand under it. The holy water is offered three times and the owner of the car has to drink it.

Step 2: After the holy water drinking, the priest offers rice from the priest and this has to be sprinkled on to the front of the car. In some temples apart from rice, some other food items may also be offered.

Step 3: The next step is left to the priest or the pujari. He draws the image of a swastika. This is an auspicious Hindu symbol. However, for many it might look sinister because it resembles the notorious symbol of Hitler and his Nazi Germany. The image is draw with the third finger which is considered auspicious. The image is drawn with a mix of sandalwood paste and turmeric paste. The swastika symbol is 5000 years old and represents all things that are good.

Step 4: The next step is to bless the swastika by again sprinkling rice three times. Each sprinkling is accompanied by chanting of hymns. One set of mantra is devoted to Lord Ganesha

Step 5: incense sticks are then lit and the same is circled around the swastika by the priest. The incense sticks are then taken inside the car and it is circled three times around the steering wheel. Mantras or hymns are again recited.

Step 6: The practice is to then install a small image of Lord Ganesha near the steering wheel. Though this is not regularly done, many pujaris recommend it.

Step 7: The ceremony of offering is concluded by breaking the coconut in the thali near the front tire. Coconut water is sprinkled on the tire. The coconut is used as holy offering from god and is eaten later. It is referred as Prasadam.

Step 8: The lemons are placed below the car and I am asked to drive over it and circle the temple three times in the car, driving it. The crushing of the lemon is a way to get rid of bad omens and bad influences.

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